1. A rooftop in Friedrichshain

    Amazingly talented photographer Grit Siwona shot me (bang, bang!) last Saturday high above the city (well as high up as you get here, Berlin is not New York). It was fun, if a tad chilly, playing up there. <3




    The sanskrit roots of the word ‘Guru’ roughly translates to someone who leads one from the darkness to the light. Essentially a teacher.

    I think I’ve long harbored a romantic fantasy of a strict but fair mentor/teacher, kind of like the Chinese master Uma Thurman’s character ‘The Bride’ practices with in Kill Bill. In my fantasies (s)he’s very stern, almost harsh, but it comes from a place of compassion — (s)he only wants what’s best for me. And the way I’ve been imagining this master in my monkey mind, (s)he has always been located in some faraway place, never in Berlin, or even in Europe.

    My recent India adventures kind of put a damper on these fantasies, that of course were very much entwined with India has the birthplace of yoga. Pretty much every yoga class I took on my trip was awful or close to awful. The instructions were minimal. No cues or smoke signals to help me as a student arrive at a better alignment, that ultimately would grant me more freedom in the body and mind. Adjustments were either non-existent or rough. Often the teachers didn’t seem to have any passion for what they were doing, it seemed to me, they were just going through the motion.

    Today, I realized that one of my gurus is right here in Berlin. Her name is Kristin, and I took a beautifully planned and sequenced class with her in a yoga studio near Hakescher Markt. Her alignment cues made sense, her adjustments took me deeper into the asanas. I walked out into a gray Mitte hovering a little bit above the ground, as if I was wearing shoes made out of marshmallows.


  4. Meet me at the outskirts of your mind. It’s more peaceful there.

    Meditation Tuesday April 1st, 21:15 at yellow yoga (MariannenstraƟe 48, Kreuzberg). It’s free but we encourage you to make a donation for charity.